Iso-sewing – the non-hoodie

Please note – this post was written and scheduled long before May 25th, 2020. I have no words to describe my feelings since then. Or the frustration I feel that I am unlikely to ever see true equality.

I’ve made a few jumpers for my husband. He likes a cosy collar, but doesn’t like any kind of head covering. A jumper I’d made two years ago was not being worn. I got it out and altered it – tapering the side seams in towards the hem and removing almost 15cm in width. I also added decorative elastic to the sleeves and hem as it appears my husband likes tighter cuffs and hem.

He wore this jumper a lot after the alterations. Excellent I thought – I don’t have to battle that collar again. Then he asked for another one. In bright red fleece with royal blue cuffs and hem bands. Of course I obliged.

I deliberately sewed this jumper over a few shorter sessions rather than one long one. Altered the pattern so that there was less width in the sleeves and in the lover hem. I took my time with the collar. I used the steam iron to assist in easing it into the neck opening.

Then I tacked it! I rarely use a hand needle. Hand is a four letter word! I am pleased with this collar, so I guess hand stitching was a good idea.

My husband decided on black topstitching. My coverstitch machine was already threaded black, which probably helped my husband’s decision. The stitching sinks into the fleece on the outside, it is not so obvious. This collar is neat on the inside too.

Once the collar was in the rest of the jumper went together very quickly. Apart from the front pocket. Bizarrely I sewed it off centre and didn’t notice until I was putting the hem ban on. Some unpicking and re-stitching happened. It’s now in the right spot.

My husband is very happy with this jumper. He describes it as “very warm”. And has given me another jumper to repair with the decorative elastic hem bands.


Fabric – Red polar fleece and blue ribbing, from Spotlight                     $50.00

Pattern – Thread Theory Finlayson, third use, effectively free               $00.00

Thread – all from stash, also effectively free                                               $00.00

Totals = $50.00

Annoyance factor – Construction was OK, the collar requires a bit of finagling. Outcome was excellent.

Do it again? Very likely, but not for a while.


About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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8 Responses to Iso-sewing – the non-hoodie

  1. Very much agree with your sentiment that it is incredibly difficult to find the words to adequately express feelings right now. I’ll admit to having cried more than once in the past few days, and I don’t think I’m anywhere near done yet. I expect many people are at the same place.

    On a completely different note, your jumper collar is lovely.

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  2. Lizzie says:

    Very impressed by the jumper! I like shawl collars. I don’t understand what your sentiment at the beginning means though…

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    • Accordion3 says:

      Thanks! The opening comment was about the death during arrest of a black man in Minnesota and subsequent protests around the country. Given I’m in Australia (which has it’s own atrocious history with our indigenous population) I really cannot make any comments other than to express my feeling.


  3. Lizzie says:

    Also, what is Iso sewing?!

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  4. Accordion3 says:

    Iso = Isolation. Or community lockdown, social distancing, or whatever you call the stay at home regime we’ve had for the last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  5. mrsmole says:

    Your collar looks so good inside and out!!!! Thank yoiu for such clear photos!

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  6. Accordion3 says:

    Thanks Mrs Mole!


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