Trousers – again – this time with pockets

I’ve made up Vogue 2948 twice, each time modifying it slightly. This time I re-drafted them to include pockets.

I wanted them to be a little similar to these trousers but without the crotch fitting problems. After my disastrous last attempt at trousers I needed a win. These trousers fit the Kibbe guidelines – the ones I had so foolishly ignored with the Teddy pants:

Soft, slightly tapered, straight leg or boot cut silhouettes, classic tailoring elements such as pleating, yokes, slanted pockets. Clean, tailored styles with a minimum of detail. Plain front or trouser-pleated. Slim, narrow shapes.


I have never liked side in-seam pockets, they always bag out unless they have a pocket stay, or are stitched down to the front leg piece. A forward slanting or curvy pocket is better. I altered the front side leg pattern to include a pocket, slanting from the yoke to the outer edge.

Photography of dark fabrics is really tricky.


The original Vogue pattern is quite tapered, leaving not a lot of space for my calves. I made this area a bit bigger, and continued the line down to the hem. I did my now fairly usual adaptation of the yoke – using powernet to line it. I find it supports the recovery of the stretch woven fabric. And accommodates my in/out tum.

I put in a lapped zip instead of the suggested invisible zip. Because I had one and prefer them.

The making of these trousers was interrupted by making masks for my family. Face coverings have become mandatory in my part of the world. Ensuring a decent and comfortable fit took many, many attempts and it temporarily killed off my sewjo. Eventually I found one pattern that worked for my daughters and another three for my son, husband and me. Four different patterns for five people! Our faces are so different.

I had to be quite determined to get these trousers finished. Now that they are done I am beginning to feel the need to sew more. Sadly I think I will be making yet more masks.


Fabric – Navy stretch cotton from stash, bought several years ago    $20.00

Pattern – Vogue 2948 with variations – third usage – free

Zip                                                                                                                     $2.00

Powermesh, thread, button – all from stash                                            $5.00

Totals = $27.00

Annoyance factor – Construction = fine, motivation = rather low.

Make it again – Maybe not, I think I’m ready for a new pattern.


About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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2 Responses to Trousers – again – this time with pockets

  1. The inside of the trousers looks super tidy – very nice!

    And I hear you on the mask making – I’m back at it, especially since my mom will have to physically go back to work soon. It feels important to make them for people but it does sap away the motivation though…


  2. mrsmole says:

    Love it when someone takes a pattern and tweeks it or adds more structure inside to enhance the figure. Still making masks here too and wishing I could cut the consruction time down after the first 150…ha ha. I have that pattern too just because that center front seam would making adjustments easier…one day it may get cut out!

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