Sewing during isolation

For us in Melbourne, Australia the shutdown started gently in early March, then became more onerous by the end of March. For most of that time I was struggling to get my online work setup going OK. Eventually March merged into April and the need to fill my spare hours with – somethingcreativityconcrete and tangible things. I made:

Miss 20’s pyjama’s

  1. Leggings for Miss 15 – Melbourne safety black (of course).
  2. Hoodie for Miss 15.
  3. Long pyjama bottoms for Miss 15.
  4. Two short pyjama bottoms for the husband.
  5. Hoodie for Mr 19 – also in Melbourne safety black.
  6. Long pyjama bottoms for Miss 20.
  7. Non-hood hoodie for my husband (red this time).
  8. Two pairs of oven mitts.
  9. A new coat for whippet.
  10. Two dog beds.
  11. Two pairs of undies for me.
  12. One pair of boxers for me.

Am I the only one hearing “12 Days of Christmas”? It is the carol I dislike the most.

Miss 15’s hoodie

The non-hoodie







I also almost made some trousers for me. They were binned as they were just terrible.

Miss 15’s long pyjamas

About half of this list is easy-peasy stuff. Minimal pattern pieces with minimal fitting stress. And either a great deal of joy from the recipient (Miss 15) or a tentative acceptance of the new (Penny the dog).

Mr 19 displayed his joy silently, by wearing his hoodie everyday for a week. Then admitting he wouldn’t mind another one, but in navy this time.

Oven mitts

Some was fiddly – looking at the oven mitts here. The hoodies were fun. The collar on my husband’s non-hoodie was interesting but also satisfying. I wondered why so much was achieved and realised it was because my sewing machine stayed out and I could sneak in 30 minutes or more sewing at a time.

Penny – who is wondering why her walk has been delayed for so long.

My micro-business has survived, initially having a large drop in income. That has changed and I am almost back to pre-lockdown times. Sadly there has been a secondary surge in infection numbers. The restrictions that had eased a little have had to be reinstated (sigh).

Stay safe everyone!


About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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