Sunday Sevens 10 – April 2017

A big week for me and I find myself a bit tired on Sunday evening.

Monday – I cut out some trousers and started to stitch them up. These are over-exposed because they are black.

Tuesday – was the lad’s 16th birthday. The lad refuses to let me post his face.

Wednesday – I realised I had made two left legs… so that involved the seam ripper and some trashy TV shows.



Thursday – I finished the trousers, and cut out a tshirt for the elder lass. I also tweaked a conference paper that I was delivering the next day.  I’m on fire!




Friday – All-day conference, and I’m presenting. The venue was the Melbourne Convention Centre, which has some beautiful woodwork. It was lovely to see some former colleagues and make new connections.

I came home and finished off the elder lass’ tshirt as she needed it that evening.

Saturday and Sunday – more gardening. We are cleaning out our courtyard so that we can use it a lot more.








The Sunday Sevens thing was started by Natalie who blogs at “Threads and Bobbins”. The idea is to take photos of your week and share them.


About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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